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Top Features Included with All Pricing Plans

Similar to checking in before a flight, our new industry-leading Gingr PreCheck functionality is designed to allow pet parents to complete a detailed check-in form before arrival, reducing errors and saving time at the front desk with a streamlined check-in experience.
Pet-Care Software
Gingr’s cloud-based pet business software provides efficiency and flexibility for you and your staff. Manage information from anywhere in your facility, using tablets, laptops, and smartphones.
Pet-Care Software
Online Booking
The customer portal connects you with pet owners 24/7, 365 days a year. Easily brand the portal to match your business's style. Customers can self-register, request appointments, select service add-ons, purchase packages, and pay deposits and invoices.
Pet Parent Mobile App
Pet Parent Mobile App
With the Gingr for Pet Parents app, pet parents can easily book from the app, update their profiles, upload vaccinations, manage agreements, pay and view their invoice history, and much more.
Pet-Care Software
QuickBooks Export
Quickly and easily export your reports from Gingr into QuickBooks.
Pet Parent Mobile App
Quick Check-In
The morning rush is hectic for your staff, pet parents, and pets. Gingr's quick check-in process provides a seamless, fast, and stress-free experience. Coffee optional, but encouraged.
Dog Daycare Software Capacity Management
Appointment & Lodging Calendars
Easily view the day, week, or month ahead, and take action right from the calendar. Multiple calendar views enable you to view all services or filter by a specific service. Click to view pet and reservation details, or move pets around from kennel to kennel or specialist to specialist.
Pet-Care Software
Reservation & Appointment Reminders
Pre-loaded and customizable email and SMS templates are ready to go for confirmations, reminders, surveys, waitlist notifications, and more. Keep your customers engaged and informed with optimal delivery rates.
Pet-Care Software
Report Cards for Pet Parents
Pet parents crave updates on their furbabies. Gingr's report card feature provides fun, informative, and much-adored report cards. Easily share report cards with pet parents via email, or print them out so the pet parent can hang them on the fridge.
Pet-Care Software
Digital Agreements
Go green and speed up the intake process with digital agreements. Customers can quickly and easily sign owner agreements from their laptop, phone, or tablet.
Pet-Care Software
Owner & Animal Icons
Easily scan and gather information with icons. Gingr automatically assigns icons for things like expired immunizations, unsigned agreements, and animals' birthdays. Create custom icons to identify anything you can imagine, such as playgroup assignments, medical conditions, behavioral issues, discounts, and more.
Pet-Care Software
Boost your income with online and in-store retail sales tools. Barcode scanners speed up the process of adding items to any reservation or right to the shopping cart. Track inventory and analyze profits for each item.
Pet-Care Software
Automated Pricing
Multiple pets? Holiday rates? Service add-ons? Automated pricing rules and invoicing ensure you get paid the right amount every time. Integrated payment processing allows you to accept credit card payments online and on-site, eliminating payment errors and saving time. Your income gets a boost, your payroll costs go down, and your staff gets their hard-earned tips and commissions right through Gingr.
Pet-Care Software
Group Classes
A group class is a series of training classes with pre-set dates. Customers enroll online, paying for the entire series of classes upfront using a package.
Pet-Care Software
Immunization Reminders
Keep everyone safe and healthy with Gingr’s vaccination tracking. Both you and the customer can update vaccination records. Gingr does the rest, emailing customers when vaccinations are about to expire and warning you of expired vaccinations for a pet entering your facility. Quickly send emails to anyone with pending or current expirations.
Pet-Care Software
Curbside Check-In
Save customers time, keep everyone healthy, and minimize congested lobbies with curbside check-in.
Pet-Care Software
Gingr’s built-in email and SMS marketing features make you an expert marketer in minutes. Use pre-made and custom filters to segment customers into target groups, so the right people get the right message at the right time. Custom email templates engage customers and keep them coming back.
Pet-Care Software
Lead Forms
Hook new customers with customized forms. Earn leads, collect information, and create a more streamlined sales process.
Pet-Care Software
Analyze reports on every aspect of your pet-care business to make data-driven decisions. Gingr makes it easy to draw insights from financial reports (revenues, taxes, commissions/tips), daily operational reports (feeding, medications), user success reports (user logs, birthdays, vaccination status), and more. Future revenue and occupancy estimators help you grow your business.
Pet-Care Software
Loyalty Rewards
Show customers how much you appreciate them with a built-in loyalty rewards program. Customers earn points for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed incrementally at your business.
Pet-Care Software
Employee Management
Keep your finger on the pulse of the team, from staff scheduling, time-clock tracking, daily checklists, and to-do lists to notification groups and advanced user permissions settings. Individual user settings enable staff to customize workflows for maximum efficiency.
Pet-Care Software
Pre-Paid Packages
Keep your customers coming back with pre-paid packages. Customers buy multiple reservations at once, and you have the opportunity to offer a discount for bulk reservations.
Pet-Care Software
API for Developers
API requests are performed with HTTP over TLS (HTTPS) and return a JSON object as a result. All endpoints are read-only. You can pull things like reservation information, report card files, owner and animal details, and more.
Pet-Care Software
Cash Drawer & Receipt Printer Support
Gingr connects to your cash drawer and receipt printer, enabling your staff to manage payment processing in one place.

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