When it comes to pet-care software, one name tends to stand out from the crowd: Gingr. Whether you're a pet-care professional or an avid pet enthusiast, chances are you've come across this software or have heard of its name. It's not surprising that many other pet-care software platforms use Gingr as a benchmark, comparing their features and performance against it. But why is this the case? Let's delve deeper to understand why Gingr has become the gold standard in the industry and why its competitors constantly seek to measure up.

1. Innovative Beginnings

Why Every Pet-Care Software Compares Themselves to Gingr

Gingr burst onto the scene in 2015 with a fresh approach to addressing the needs of pet-care professionals. Recognizing that the industry lacked a comprehensive, user-friendly tool, Gingr sought to bridge the gap between pet-care businesses and their clientele. Our solution was to create a unified platform that catered to all aspects of pet care. To do this, we hired developers, support, marketing and product professionals from the pet-care industry to come together to build and support Gingr.

2. Feature-Rich Platform + Pet Parent App

Why Every Pet-Care Software Compares Themselves to GingrGingr's robust set of features makes it a standout product. From online booking and facility management, to employee scheduling and customer communication, Gingr provides a comprehensive solution for pet-care businesses. Its versatility makes it appealing to many pet-care businesses, from doggy daycares and boarding facilities to pet groomers and trainers.

3. User-Friendly Interface

One of the standout attributes of Gingr is the intuitive user interface. Our developers understood that not every pet-care professional is tech-savvy, so we designed a platform that is easy to navigate, even for the least tech-inclined users. The straightforward design and logical flow have made it a favorite among our customers.

4. Constant Evolution

Gingr doesn't rest on our laurels. We continuously evolve, adding new features and improving existing ones based on feedback from our user community. This commitment to innovation and improvement solidifies our position at the forefront of pet-care software.

5. Stellar Customer Support

Why Every Pet-Care Software Compares Themselves to Gingr

Gingr's commitment to our users is evident in our unparalleled customer support. Our responsive team ensures any issues are addressed promptly, and we also offer a wealth of resources to help users get the most out of our software. Available via phone, live chat and email, our support team is dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly. And, since we hire team members with pet-care industry experience, many of our support team members came from facilities like yours! They've been in your shoes and know how to help.

6. Reputation and Trust

_802d667f-c177-4e19-904f-8007b8a0cc7cWith years of delivering top-notch service and a reliable platform, Gingr built a strong reputation in the industry. This trust factor is significant in why it's considered the benchmark. When other platforms compare themselves to Gingr, they're trying to tap into the trust and reputation that Gingr has built over the years.

7. Market Penetration

As more and more pet-care businesses adopted Gingr, it reached a critical mass where it became the default choice for many. Gingr's market penetration means it is known and actively used by a large portion of the industry.

Gingr's blend of innovation, comprehensive features, user-friendliness, and commitment to customer support has made it the titan of pet-care software. When new platforms emerge, they want to be associated with the best. Thus, they compare themselves to Gingr in hopes of drawing a parallel in the minds of potential customers. 

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