In small-town Berwick, Pennsylvania, Lily's House has been a trusted name in pet grooming for over two decades. Jennifer Berlin, the owner, operator, and groomer, has not only dedicated her career to grooming pets but has also envisioned expanding Lily's House into a comprehensive pet-care hub. Two years ago, she took a bold step, rebranding the business and setting out on a journey to transform it into a multifaceted haven for pets.

I started grooming 20 years ago, and the business name was Lily's House of Grooming. I've always wanted to grow the business after my children grew less dependent on me. 2 years ago, I rebranded to what I want to grow into," Jennifer shared. Last year, she acquired an old church at an auction, turning it into a spacious 4,000 sq. ft.  facility to accommodate grooming, retail, training, and eventually daycare services. Lily's House Fetches Success with Gingr

Reflecting on the journey, Jennifer explained, “It started with just me in an 800 sq. ft. building. Fall of 2023, I moved into a 4,000 sq. ft building to grow and offer more services eventually. I have 5 part-time employees at the moment."

Transitioning to a larger space meant more responsibilities and a need for efficient management. This is where Gingr played a pivotal role. Jennifer discovered Gingr at trade shows and was drawn to its capabilities, which aligned perfectly with her vision for Lily's House.

“It was well represented at trade shows. Handles the services I do and eventually will have. The techs are in the animal industry not just IT," she stated when asked about what led her to choose Gingr.

One standout feature that significantly impacted Lily's House was Gingr's reminder system for upcoming appointments. With a growing number of clients and services, managing appointments became a critical aspect of their operations. Gingr's reminders not only streamlined the scheduling process but also improved customer satisfaction by reducing missed appointments.

Jennifer highlighted, “Gingr has gotten me more organized with the portal, and all the owner & pet information is in one place."

Additionally, Gingr's reporting feature has proven invaluable to Lily's House. At the end of each day, Jennifer and her team can easily generate reports and seamlessly upload them to QuickBooks Online (QBO). This has not only saved time but has also improved the overall financial management of the business. Lily's House Fetches Success with GingrAs Lily's House continues to grow and expand its services, Gingr remains a vital tool in Jennifer's toolkit, supporting her in providing top-notch pet care and realizing her dream of hosting monthly rescue spotlights.

“I'm working on adding customers and hiring and/or training groomers. My goal after getting all three services, grooming, training, & daycare up and running is to be able to offer monthly rescue spotlights," Jennifer shared with enthusiasm. 

With Gingr by her side, Jennifer Berlin and Lily's House are not just grooming pets; they are creating a comprehensive pet care experience and fostering a community that values the well-being of every furry friend. 

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