In 1987, Law's Country Kennel, a pet boarding facility nestled in Roanoke, Indiana, opened its doors to the joyous barks and wagging tails of its first furry guests. Founded by retired Lt. Col. Kenneth S. Law and his wife, Deb, this family-owned business emerged from their love for animals and a commitment to providing top-notch care. Now, after 35 successful years of operation and with a team of 15 dedicated employees, Law's Country Kennel has found a way to thrive in the modern age while staying true to its roots, and that secret weapon is Gingr.

The decision to incorporate Gingr into their operations was a strategic one. Owner William Law, son of the founders, explained, “We implemented Gingr to better manage bookings and save time doing so." With a history rooted in excellence, Law's Country Kennel knew that staying ahead of the curve required efficient booking management.

Streamlining Success with Gingr: The Law's Country Kennel Story

One of the features that has become a cherished favorite at Law's Country Kennel is Gingr's waiting list." This feature, seamlessly integrated into their daily operations, simplifies the reservation process. When a spot becomes available due to cancellations or rescheduling, the system automatically notifies pet owners on the waiting list. It's a win-win situation, where customers secure the dates they desire, and the kennel maximizes its occupancy rate, ensuring that every space is utilized to its fullest.

Law's Country Kennel especially appreciates Gingr during the holidays when the demand for pet boarding peaks. William states, “Every holiday, Gingr has been there for us by maximizing our occupancy rate." It's during these busy seasons that the waiting list proves invaluable in accommodating more pets and keeping clients delighted.

Streamlining Success with Gingr: The Law's Country Kennel Story

In addition to the waiting list, two other Gingr features have captured their hearts: the “report cards" and “surveys." These tools have revolutionized their communication with customers. The report cards offer pet owners detailed insights into their furry companions' stays, including meals, playtime, and memorable moments. This level of transparency reassures clients and keeps them well-informed about their pets. Surveys, on the other hand, allow clients to provide feedback, ensuring that Law's Country Kennel consistently refines its services to meet the needs of its diverse clientele.

William summarizes the impact of Gingr beautifully, saying, “It has streamlined reservations, check-in services, and improved communication with customers." Gingr has become an invaluable partner in their journey, enhancing the level of service they provide and maintaining the trust and satisfaction of their loyal clientele.

Streamlining Success with Gingr: The Law's Country Kennel Story

In conclusion, the story of Law's Country Kennel is a testament to the power of embracing technology to enhance a traditional business. Founded by a family that loved animals and was deeply rooted in their community, the kennel has evolved with the times without losing its core values. With Gingr by their side, they've found a way to not only manage their bookings efficiently but also provide the best possible experience for pets and their owners. It's a journey marked by love, dedication, and a commitment to excellence that's sure to continue for many more years to come.